An inspiring love story

Champs-Élysées has sealed the passionate romance of the iconic and inseparable love couples made of watchmaking and jewelry fine arts. Each timepiece embodies the love of its creator and is a chapter of Champs-Élysées inspiring love story.


Elegant. Flawless. Stylish. Genuine. Flaunting a certain “Je-ne-sais-quoi”. She is a true lady and a bona fide star who intrigues and mesmerizes. While her outer beauty attracts and pleases the eye, her inner beauty captivates the heart. She is brilliant, creative and exudes confidence. She treasures high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time...

Who is she?

The Champs Elysées woman has a beauty that comes from inner confidence. She asserts an enduringly glamorous attitude and a stylish elegance. With a stunning and effortless look, she maintains her classic beauty throughout her life. She is the epitome of aristocratic style. She knows that her Champs Elysées watch has a secret language of its own. Tailored for the day and alluringly crafted for the night, the Champs Elysées timepieces she wears pull together the distinctive style that defines and asserts her state of mind, her ultimate feminine flare.


Made of intrinsic inner tradition
expressed in a captivating outer excellence

As respectful of the past as it is enthusiastic about the future, Champs-Élysées subtly balances time with a sense of timelessness and foreverness. A new comer in the rarefied and respected world of Swiss Haute Horlogerie, the range is entirely dedicated to ladies watches.

Swiss Made & Royal Elegance

Building on the tradition perpetuated by Swiss made know-how for centuries, Champs-Élysées gives rise to authentic works of art representing exceptional combinations of timeless elegance and horological excellence. Mentioning the fact that all our watches are 100% Swiss made manufactured.