August 2010

The Launch of Champs Élysées

The Brand Champs-Élysées is registered by Keyvan Lamé in Switzerland, Lamé then went on to register Champs Élysées worldwide.

March 2013

Very First Timepieces were Produced

The Designs were all Inspired by the City of Love. All Champs Élysées Timepieces were crafted with Outstanding Diamonds which reflected The Champs Élysées Avenue.

For the first time ever, we witnessed a Watchmaking company produce their Watches using D & E Diamond Colors.

March 2015

First Appearance at Baselworld

Champs Élysées’s First Presence at Baselworld, where they were met with an Extremely Warm Welcome and Positive Press.

March 2016

Second appearance at Baselworld

Champs Élysées appears for the second time in a row, whilst bringing in New Models from their Watch Collection. 

November 2016

Salons des Grandes Complications

Dubai, the City of Gold meets Champs Élysées.

We for the first time present the Lady of Champs Élysées in the Middle East, where Numerous Swiss Watch Companies were gathered.

Champs Élysées here presents its 3 Marvelous Collections to Dubai Television.

January – February 2018

Elite Customers Voyage to Europe

Champs Élysées wished to celebrate by inviting its Most Prestigious Clients to Switzerland, where the Clients could witness the Making of a Champs Élysées Timepiece and in the Heart of Western Europe, Paris, where they witnessed the Inspiration that gifted Champs Élysées to the World.

April 2019

Expansion of the Rive Blanche Collection

Thanks to the Outstanding feedback that the Rive Blanche Collection had acquired, we decided to Introduce New Designs, all of which contained Various Precious Stones.

May 2019

Introducing Umbrellas and Leather Goods

Champs Élysées had foreseen a Scenario, where it would one day transform itself into a Luxury Brand from a Watch Brand. This would not have been Achievable without our Loyal Customers.

Upon the Introduction of Umbrellas, Evening bags and Wallets; our Sole Objective was to deliver 100% Handmade Premium Italian Products.

Champs Élysées SA

Faubourg du Lac 11
2000 Neuchâtel 

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